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Increasing your search ranking with content marketing. Frankman Academy Online Wordpress Video Training

Increasing your search ranking with content marketing

Ok, nobody, except of course Google, knows the exact technical algorithm behind the decision making process to promote your website above that of your competitors. That said we do know that Google wants to promote websites that help their consumers, websites that are active, websites that of interest, and websites that keep users coming back and ultimately using their search engine.

This has, in the past, been predominately the job of black art SEO ninjas that have charged on-going monthly fees to work their magic. This, in most cases, is a long and often arduous process that requires a little tweaking here and there to get you above your competitors, and closer to that all important page one of Google.

Alternatively you can look into paid search, which can cost a penny or two, or you can take the reins and steer your own success with content driven organic marketing.

So how does it work?

Lets say, for arguments sake, that you own your own local plumbing business and you are trying to push your website up the rankings of your favourite search engine. For your favourite search engine to ‘understand’ if your website meets with their users requirements, and if your website is relevant to the applied search term, it will periodically ‘crawl’ your site to build a profile of your business. Amongst all the data it collects and processes it will ultimately identify what your business is, where you are located, and the services that you provide. It will then cross reference the users search term to determine if your website is of more, or less, relevance than your competitors website.

Armed with this knowledge you can now turn your ‘brochure style’ website into a ‘functional online marketing tool’. By writing new articles for your website in your own blog or news section, you are showing the search engines that your website is active, and is providing new information on an on-going basis. An example of an article could provide information on a recent service or installation that you have attended. By using key points within your article, such as location, service terms, and other relevant information, the search engine will identify and cross reference your site with a users search term, and prioritise it accordingly.

This is an easy and cost effective way to build your website, talk about what you do, and ultimately attract new customers. So, the next thing you need to think about is… your next article!

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